Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first Elluminate session...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

WOW! What an evening! I am teaching my first online course for teachers in my district called, "The Introduction to Interactive Notebooks." Last night I had to complete an Elluminate live session to introduce them to the workings of the online class. I logged into the session one hour early to get everything set up. When the class started, no one entered! Long story short, the link that I sent to the teachers to get on had expired and we had to put a new link together. Thank God for two of my colleagues that are teach savvy and teaching me how to get there! They got it taken care of for me and I was able to proceed with the course! Whew! I am so excited about how engaged the teachers are in this course and about learning how Interactive Notebooks will increase student achievement in their classes along with holding the parent and the student accountable.

I am slowly stepping out there and exploring all of the techonlogy that's out there to benefit myself as an educator. I am following more and more people on twitter each day. I am seeking out their blogs and downloading articles that spark my interest. I am set and determined to learning something new every day. This is the only way that I will be able to engage in meaningful discussions with my colleagues.

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