Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rick Wormeli: Redos, Retakes, and Do-Overs, Part One

I recently saw this powerful and passionate educator at an SDE conference in Orlando, FL and his energy is intoxicating!  What he has to say in this video to educators in regard to redos, retakes, and do-overs really makes you think twice about your teaching practice.  I was once that teacher that wouldn't allow redos, retakes and do-overs.

Rick has a valid point.  If everyone else in the world has the opportunity to do these three things for full credit, then who are we as teachers to not allow them to do the same thing?  Are we REALLY passionate about what we do?  Are we there to really teach the students or are we there to put them through the ringer?

I love when he states that his punishment for not completing an assignment is to.....complete the assignment!  How awesome is that?  You are telling the student that you care about whether or not they master the content and that you really care about them learning it and want to see them be successful!

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