Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 11-Your Siblings

I know that I have been missing for a while...I am planning on finally finishing this blog challenge soon!  Wish me luck and PLEASE hold me accountable!!!

This posting is about my siblings!  I am blessed to have two wonderful brothers!  Allow me to introduce you to my twin brother, Jermaine and my younger brother, Cristian!  I have no sisters.

These guys are amazing!!!  I HATE that I live so far from them but I know they are a phone call or skye session away!  Let me start with my twin....

We shared a womb for 9 months!  He's 9 minutes older than me and let him tell it, those were the best 9 minutes of his life!  I like to say that I kicked him out!  We went to high school and college together.  He pledged Kappa Alpha Psi.  During one of their events, he wrote and read me a poem called "1 of 3."  I wasn't able to go and hear it when he read it but it was amazing!  Never knew he'd say all of those wonderful things!  He has been able to live his dreams and do what he really loves to do.  There's a saying that talks about work and if you do something you really enjoy, it's not work.  Well, he does what he loves so I guess it's not really work to him!  I envy that!

Then there's my little (big) brother!  He is an extremely hard working young man.  Although we didn't see eye to eye growing up, he has really matured into a wonderful young man.  He is raising a family and when I see him with his son I can't help but smile.  It's so weird seeing my little brother with a little son himself!  Guess it's part of growing up.  He is a family man and thrives on creating a family environment.  The only thing I don't like about him is that he likes LeBron James....guess I can see past that...I mean he is my brother!  

When the three of us were little, we used to watch WWF wrestling and reenact the scenes.  My name was Pretty in Pink and they were the Jive Soul Bros.  I have no idea where we got those names from but they worked.  There were plenty of Saturday mornings that we would wake up and eat some cereal while watching He Man or Thunder Cats.  This was of course pre- Cartoon Network days.  Cartoons really used to only come on during Saturday mornings!  We used to take full advantage of the pool that we had in our back yard.  When ever my twin and I tried to get away with something, our little brother would snitch on us!  I have some VERY fond memories growing up being the only girl but they made me stronger!  

I love these guys more than anything!  They are the best uncles for my boys and I miss them so much!

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