Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 9-My Beliefs...(in regard to education)


In regards to education....this is easy!  I can sum it up into four words!


You'd be surprised how many educators don't believe in this statement!  Children will not all learn at the same pace, but they will and can all learn IF and I repeat IF...they have the right teacher in front of them.  They must have a nurturing teacher that believes in them and believes that they can learn.  They must have a teacher that is willing to work past the hours of 8-3pm.  They must have a teacher that is willing to figure out how they best learn and really want to cater the lessons to them....even if it means figuring out 15 different ways to teach a topic.  Teachers must be willing to stay after school to tutor their students, to stay after school to call parents and tell them not only when their students are doing wrong but even more so when they are making progress!  

Teachers need to differentiate instruction to meet the multiple intelligences of all of their students.  We may not be able to move all of our students up to grade level by the end of the school year, but we can darn sure try!  If we move them even one or two grades higher than they came to us, that is progress.  Teachers need to be involved in the school in order to create a nurturing climate that the students really feel valued and appreciated in.  

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  1. I definitely agree! As a newbie, I need to learn how to individualize my lessons but still keep everyone progressing.