Monday, February 7, 2011

Shout out to my twinny!!!!

This evening when I went to check my mailbox and retrieve the usual bills and junk mail that are there every day, I was pleasantly surprised by a white envelope from an address in was from my twin brother, Jermaine!!!! The card has two little kids on the front that could be twins so it was quite fitting for us!!! He has been reading my blogs, as I recently gave him the address and he sent me a card that said:

"May good luck and happiness rain down on you...."(on the front)
"....because no one deserves it more." (on the inside)

He then wished me success and luck in my blog writing...MY twin brother (my one of three...hehe) never ceases to amaze me! I am sooo humbled by his love and support of what I do (pursuing my doctoral degree and growing myself professionally and educationally....AND this blog!). He is my other half and is part of the reason that I wake up every day. There were times growing up that we didn't get along and he probably did things that I didn't agree with, as I'm sure I did...but the older we get, the more I realize how much of a BLESSING he is to me! I love him like no other! Publicly....I thank you, Jermaine K. Brown for being such a Blessing to me, a positive African American role model to my sons, and just an all around good guy! I love the way that you chase after your dreams and allow them to lead your life. I envy that in you....I LOVE YOU TWINNY!!!!!

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