Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 1-Introduce yourself!

Greetings on Day One!!!!

My name is Natasha already knew that!  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, educator and life long learner.  I consider myself to be a very diverse person in that I've lived in three different countries, listen to all types of music, and come from several different backgrounds!  Long story but if you know me, you know I come from a little bit of everywhere!  I guess the best way to "introduce myself" is to make a list of things about here goes!  Enjoy.....

  1. I attended a historical black college.
  2. I am a California girl to the heart.
  3. I love Hello Kitty!
  4. My favorite color is pink!
  5. I LOVE the Los Angeles questions asked!  
  6. Tiffany and Company is my weakness!
  7. I love people and am definitely a people person!  This explains why I worked in retail for so long and then became an educator!
  8. The person that I admire the most in this world is my mother, Denise Brown.  She was my mother and my father and raised myself, my twin brother and younger brother.  I'd say she did a darn good job as well!
  9. I don't tell them as much as I should, but my brothers are excellent role models for my sons.
  10. I would have to say that my husband, Melvin, is by far THE best father that ever walked the face of the earth!!!!!!!
  11. I love making people smile.
  12. Money doesn't make my world go round...feeling appreciated does.
  13. I believe that becoming a teacher/educator is my calling.
  14. I don't like seafood....not allergic...just don't like it.
  15. My favorite movie EVER is "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews followed by "Love Jones."
  16. I will be the first person in my family to earn a doctorate degree.  This makes me smile.
  17. I believe that small things mean more than anything else.
  18. I value my friendships...especially the ones in which we may not talk every day, or month, but when we do, we can pick up right where we left off.
  19. One of the most soothing sounds in the world is the sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.
  20. Places I would love to travel: Africa, Australia, Italy, France, and England (again).
  21. I love waking my kids up in the morning and hearing, "Good morning, Mom."
  22. I love hard.....
  23. I don't have regrets.  I consider these to be learning opportunities!
  24. I suffer from migraine headaches...not a good thing!
  25. I was married with a child at the age of 21!!!!!
  26. I have a strong faith in God.  I don't go to church as much as I should, but I know that He is the reason that I am here and the reason that I have all of the Blessings that I have.
  27. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder!  For example...if I accidentally hit my right knee on something, I have to hit the left one on purpose so I can feel balanced.  Weird I know....
  28. My glass is half all times!
  29. I don't believe that people have weaknesses....I believe that people have areas of opportunity.
  30. As much as I want to jump on the iphone bandwagon (and not saying that I won't one day), I LOVE my Blackberry!
  31. Education is the key to unlocking the future.
  32. Reading is something that I am extremely passionate about.  It can take you to a whole other world and allows for an escape.  I instill this in my children!  I long for the day where I can do more leisure reading and less "school" reading!
  33. I believe that ALL children can learn!!!!!!
My brothers and my sons!

So there you go!  I hope that you enjoyed and perhaps even learned a little something about me that you didn't already know.



  1. See here you go, making me write...LOL

    I learned some new stuff about my Tasha and you confirm some things I knew.

    We have 1, 7, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26, 29, 31, 32, 33. See I don't have to write. I can just send them to your blog. :)

  2. Wow Tasha!! I learned a lot about you....we have several things in common....we definitely should talk (in between all your duties). Anyway, I wanted to say that you are inspiring!! Glad you were apart of my life.

    P.S. I'm just too mad that you just don't like seafood.....girl, you are crazy!!LOL

  3. I love this!! I have to say that I knew most of this and THAT made me smile!