Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 5-Your definition of love...


I must admit that I am a hopeless romantic.  I used to believe that when I received my first kiss that soft music would be playing in the background and the area around me would be filled with clouds and fireworks were going to go off, angels were going to be flying around us, etc.  Obviously that is not the case!  BUT in my head, that's how I believed it would be!  Love is a beautiful thing....Even deeper and beyond love is the word like.  I heard Michelle Obama once tell Oprah that she actually "liked" Barack.  That really got me really have to "like" the person that you are in "love" with.  To me this explains why so many people stay married until the kids leave the house for college and then get divorced.  The whole time that you are married, you are living through the kids....then when they leave, you realize that you don't actually "like" each other...that's deep!!!!

When I think about love, I am all about the little things....
  • Holding hands.
  • His hand on the small of my back when we walk through a door.
  • Him walking on the side of the street where the traffic is.
  • Kisses on the cheek and forehead for no reason at all.
  • Text messages throughout the day....just because.
  • Taking a day off of work together just to be in each other's presence.
  • Going out of your way to make each other smile.
  • A hand written card or note.
  • Him cooking me dinner.
  • Him having a picture of me on his desk at work.
  • Him looking into my eyes and smiling...just because.
  • Going to get my favorite coffee without me asking.
  • Taking a walk.
  • A picnic in the park.
Material items are nice, but they don't, nor have they ever moved or made my world.  I would much rather him put thought into something that costs no money.  So when asked for a definition of love...I simply think it's when you put the happiness, needs and desires of someone else's heart before your own...because you LIKE them.  This makes sense in my mind...not sure if it's being put into this blog in a way that makes sense.  

Again, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and took the time to pay it forward, sharing your love and your "like" with someone other than yourself!  Life is good....and I'm glad about it.

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